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frequently asked questions

What is Perma-Soil?
Perma-Soil is a powder type product that is mixed with excavated materials (soil or spoil) at a ratio of between 2 - 8%.

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How does Perma-Soil work?
When mixed with soil, Perma-Soil uses the free moisture in the soil to start a reaction which results in a high quality reinstatement material being created. To achieve this Perma-Soil does 3 things:

  1. Dries up any excess moisture present for optimum compaction.
  2. Bonds the soil particles together making the soil much denser. This bonding action also forms a tie to the walls of the excavation, and the surfacing material.
  3. Strengthens the soil by as much as 600%.

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When and where can I use Perma-Soil?
If you have to dig a hole, Perma-Soil is your cost-effective solutions to its reinstatement. Perma-Soil has also been successfully used for:

  • Installation of street lighting columns
  • Installation of road signs, street name signs and flag poles
  • Installation of concrete, wood and metal fence posts
  • Soil erosion prevention
  • To create a firm foundation for headstones in cemeteries
  • Many DIY uses such as laying block paving, shed foundations, line posts and much more.

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Do I require any special tools or equipment to use Perma-Soil?
No special tools are required - just a spade, or mechanical excavator for larger jobs. A reduction in the amount of equipment can be achieved as no special transport is required to deliver backfill material or remove excess material for tipping.

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