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Perma-Soil in use on roads on road signs Developed by the US Military to speed up the stabilisation of soils during emergency airstrip construction in remote regions of the world, Perma-Soil Soil Stabiliser has been helping municipalities, highway departments and utility companies throughout America save millions of dollars annually on construction costs for over a decade. By increasing the load bearing ability of excavated soil, Perma-Soil helps relieve compaction and moisture problems, making quick work of reinstatement or backfill operations after utility excavations, repairing potholes in roadways and setting overhead poles.

Perma-Soil enables construction crews to use excavated soil for backfill, eliminating the need to haul away spoil or transport purchased backfill materials to the job site. On jobs such as Water Meter installations, fire hydrant replacements, joint bays and overhead pole erections, Perma-Soil turns spoil into usable backfill within minutes. Perma-Soil's stabilising action provides a string sub-base for excavations in footpaths and roads. Perma-Soil also stabilises and improves the soil strength when erecting utility poles to discourage shifting or movement. Because backfill treated with Perma-Soil remains permeable to water, rot and freezing problems are also avoided.

You're on Firm ground with Perma-Soil

Perma-Soil's polymer hydrogel, chemical structure "weaves" soil particles together during compaction to improve the compressive strength of the soil. Although it increases the strength of some treated soils by as much as 16 times, it can be re-excavated with common tools. In fact, grass and other plants can grow in and through Perma-Soil! The product contains no preservatives, solvents, alloys, metallic coatings or hazardous mixtures of liquids or solids.

Proven in a wide range of soil types from aggregate mix base materials to fine clays, Perma-Soil is quick and easy to use. No special tools or complicated techniques are required. As spoil is excavated the powder type product is simply added and left to cure for a short time before reinstatement and compaction. It also sets quickly, curing 85% within an hour, 100% within 24 hours.

Available in the UK

Perma-Soil in use on roads on overhead polesPerma-Soil is now available in the United Kingdom through Perma-Soil UK Ltd. 25kg of Perma-Soil will treat up to a cubic metre of excavated material, that's the equivalent of approximately two tonnes of stone backfill.

For some time now Perma-Soil has been used for reinstatements in footpaths and roads under section S1.5 (Alternative Options) of the HAUC Specification, by both Utilities and Contractors. Perma-Soil is now an accepted method of reinstatement by over 50 Highway Authorities, which includes the Corporation of London whose area of responsibility includes the Square Mile.

Perma-Soil has also been successfully used by several UK Electricity Companies for creating firm foundations for new Overhead Line Construction. Many of these companies have included Perma-Soil's use as a standard within their Overhead Lines Specification.

By using Perma-Soil to transform spoil into usable backfill, utilities and contractors are finding that they are saving massive amounts of money on reinstatement, installation and transportation costs. Reducing the need for return visits has also reduced costs, smaller jobs such as water meter installations can now be completed in a single visit from the back of a medium sized van, that expensive grab wagon is no longer required.

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