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Recycling Trench Arisings with PermaSoil UK

Permabase is a recycled trench arising material that meets both the New Road and Street Works Specification as a Stabilised Material for Fill (SMF) and the Specification for Highway Works as a Hydraulically Bound Material (HBM).

Purpose Designed Machine

A purpose designed machine screens, crushes and force mixes Permasoil with trench arisings to produce a SMF Class S material that replaces the sub-base layer in carriageway types 1 to 4 and all footways.

It is the unique relationship between Permasoil and the purpose designed Permabase Machine that ensures a reliable and consistent SMF Class S material.

Example of Material Produced

Permasoil realised very early in the process that Permabase the SMF Class S material had to be a quality, reliable, consistent material that would constantly meet the required specifications.

Permasoil has ensured the following;

  • The Permabase process has control of the raw materials.
  • Permabase has a machine process control.
  • Conducts regular laboratory/site testing and inspection.
  • Specification compliance.
  • Training of production and laying staff.
  • Internal audits and quality reviews.
  • Specification and technical backup.

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