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installing overhead poles

PermaSoil to install Overhead PolesWhen used for the installation of overhead lines you also benefit from the following features:

  • PermaSoil vastly increases the foundation strength of the pole.
  • Treated soil achieves C.B.R. of 50 or greater.
  • PermaSoil can be used instead of a baulk or block.
  • Vastly increased span lengths in all ground types.
  • PermaSoil turns non compactable wet spoil into easy to handle dry compactable spoil, increasing productivity.
  • Turns average/poor ground conditions to good or good/average ground conditions, enabling longer span lengths to be designed and constructed.
  • PermaSoil can improve earthing characteristics of the ground.
  • Increased pole life. PermaSoil's polymer hydrogel chemical structure repels moisture keeping the foundation of the pole dry.
  • Foundation achieves full strength with 24 hours, no more waiting years for subsidence to take place.
  • Allows for reduction or elimination of return visit costs to straighten leaning poles.
  • Improves foundation strength in all soil types, including peat, sand, clay and gritty soils.
  • PermaSoil is easy to use as no special tools required.
  • PermaSoil is completely safe to use, and environmentally friendly.

Below is an overhead pole that was consolidated for a leading utility, the pole had failed to consolidate on five previous occasions, but just look at what happened when it was treated with just 20kg of Perma-Soil.

Poles 1

The working sheet is in place and we are ready to auger down.

Poles 2

We place some Perma-Soil at the area we will auger.

Poles 3

We now auger through the Perma-Soil, this automatically mixes the excavated material with the Perma-Soil.

Poles 4

As we feel resistance against the auger we withdraw the auger and clearly see the moisture rising from the surrounding water table.

Poles 5

The auger is shaken back and forth over the working sheet to release the mixed material.

Poles 6

After a number of auger hits we can see how much Perma-Soil has dried the material out and, of course, we can see the change in colour of the material due to Perma-Soil's traceable agent.

Poles 7

The sides of the hole are dusted with Perma-Soil to ensure the bonding of the reinstated material to the sides of the excavation.

Poles 8

The utility pole is put into place.

Poles 9

As we add the treated material back in and compact it, we can see that moisture is still present around the edges of the pole.

Poles 10

More Perma-Soil is added to soak up any visible moisture.

Poles 11

At the top level of compaction Perma-Soil continues to dry out the material.

Poles 12

The next day utility crews arrived with a cherry picker, but this wasn't needed as Perma-Soil had consolidated the pole so well that the pole was physically climbed that day.

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