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on wet material

Below is a 1m by 1m excavation carried out with wet saturated material, as there was so much moisture present due to a burst water main we have to increase the amount of Perma-Soil used, however only two 25kg buckets of Perma-Soil were required to complete the application.

Wet 1

When we arrived on site we could see there was a major leak at this point.

Wet 2

As we began to excavate it was evident that the water had now totally saturated the area and surrounding material.

Wet 3

It doesn't come any worse than this! The water has totally filled the manhole.

Wet 4

The water is now drained from the excavation using a sump pump.

Wet 5

The excavated material is now placed onto a working sheet and has been mixed with Perma-Soil, notice how dry the material is. Perma-Soil has dried the material into usable backfill.

Wet 6

The repair has been completed and the first lift of material has been placed into the excavation and is compacted down.

Wet 7

The first lift has been successfully compacted and here we can see that the second lift has also been added and compacted.

Wet 8

After just one hour we got a clegg reading of 37 or a C.B.R. reading of 98.

Wet 9

This shows the job on completion.

Wet 10

The same job 4 years later.

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